About Us


Thank you for choosing Low Country Cancer Care to serve your healthcare needs.

Our Specialty

The physicians of Low Country Cancer Care are specialists in the treatment and prevention of cancer and blood disorders. Low Country Cancer Care is devoted to the care of our patients as well as the prevention and eradication of these types of diseases.

Medical oncology is the field of medicine which specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Cancer is treated in numerous ways: chemotherapy, immunotherapy, surgery, radiation therapy, along with new therapies that are continuously evolving. Our providers are experts in prescribing and the supervision of chemotherapy and immunotherapy administration.

Chemotherapy or biological therapy is defined as any medication which is given by the mouth (orally), injection, or intravenously to kill or stop the formation of cancer cells.

Hematology is the field of medicine which specializes in blood disorders. These problems include leukemia, anemia, bleeding disorders, excessive clotting of the blood and other disorders. Each patient is unique in their age, medical history, and family history. These are all factors that must be taken into consideration when treatment options are explored.

All your questions are important and deserve an answer. Write down your questions and bring them with you to your appointment. We can then gather information that will help research your disease, learn more about treatment options, assemble nutritional information, and identify reliable resources for current information about the treatment and cure of cancer.

Your Partners in Care

As we become partners in your healthcare, you can expect: 

  • The most current medical knowledge and treatment available
  • Education about your specific treatment
  • Psychological and emotional support
  • Access to community resources and support groups.
  • Access to clinical trials and research protocols.

You are an active and critical member of our partnership. There may be times during the course of your treatment when you may become puzzled by what we are doing or why we are doing it. We believe knowledge empowers you to take control of your healthcare issues. Our physicians and entire staff welcome the opportunity to answer your questions. Timely and effective communication strengthens our partnership.