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Your Feelings Matter: Support & Resources

To know the road ahead, ask those that come back.” – Chinese Proverb

Low Country Cancer Care’s entire staff is here to support and encourage you on your journey back to wellness. We understand you will have many feelings: denial, anger, fear, sadness, loneliness. But remember hope, determination, confidence, and courage are also feelings that can help you take control of you life and fight your disease. Cancer patients are, in general, unique in their ability to face their disease and fight for their wellness.

Naturally, friends and loved ones will also have a range of emotions and questions about your type of cancer, treatment options, and how they can support you in the months to come.

We have a library of resources and reading materials that can be informative to both you and your family. In addition to books we keep on hand, you will also find useful information on the web. Listed below are a few sites we suggest you visit:


We understand you may have questions about COVID-19 vaccine availability and getting vaccinated. At this time, we do not have the ability to administer the vaccine. Please follow up with your primary healthcare provider regarding CDC recommendations for vaccination and availability.


Despite the many challenges of this COVID-19 pandemic, we remain open and fully dedicated to safely and responsibly serving our cancer and hematology patients with exceptional care.

The safety and well-being of our patients, physicians, nurses and other team members is our top priority.

  • We continue to request and encourage individuals to come to the clinic alone, except for caregivers who assist patients with transport, translation or other personal needs. If questions, please call our clinic regarding the current Visitor Policy prior to your scheduled appointment.
  • Everyone entering our clinic locations is asked to wear a protective face mask or face covering. Our staff members are wearing masks as well.
  • Upon arrival, we will take your temperature and ask a series of questions to identify anyone who may have been exposed to COVID-19 or who has signs and symptoms of respiratory illness.

As always, we thank you for entrusting your care to us.